About Us

Welcome to MerakiUS, we are a business dedicated to the restoration and resale of women's bags and purses. At MerakiUS, we believe in giving luxury products a second life by renewing and recycling them, all while contributing to the growth of the US economy.

Our primary services include product renewal for accessories, bags, jewelry, and footwear.

We also offer a buy-to-restore-and-sell service for luxury products. Additionally, we sell fashion apparel, footwear, and bags made from recycled materials under our brand name, "Meraki."

To further support businesses, we provide graphic design consulting services, assisting with campaigns, visual merchandising plans, and commercial activations for events held in shopping centers and points of sale.

Our Founder

Our founder and owner, Valeria Margarita Cardona Arcila, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the world of graphic design and visual merchandising.
Valeria Margarita Cardona Arcila is a highly qualified professional with over 14 years of experience in graphics designing and visual merchandising.

Valeria has worked with renowned companies such as MC Hormas Zapatos (Mercedes Campuzano), Comercializadora Ragged, Lebon (Inscra S.A.), and Tania S.A. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from Corporacion Colegiatura Colombiana University and has completed additional diploma courses and workshops to enhance her skills.